Office Space Planning

Your office furniture design & office layout directly affect workplace productivity.

On an organizational level, office layout impacts the effectiveness of your work processes. On an individual level, your office furniture design plays a part in determining the occupants’ productivity. Whether your organization has 5 offices or 500 cubicles, Office Furniture Warehouse can assist you in finding the most effective layout for your office plan. Interested in having your workspace work as hard as you do?

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Our Process for Planning Office Space

We’ll analyze the flow of work in your space after conducting a walkthrough: people, information, & materials. Then, we’ll establish an understanding the intangible assets you want to support: efficiency, connectivity, etc. Finally, we will work with you to produce a creative office design layout that furthers your business’ objectives.

Already working with some fantastic people? Perfect – our team has the capability to interface with your architect, designer, or contractor. We’re able to provide furniture specs for existing office furniture layouts, generate dimensional drawings of your office plan, and make sure office furniture design is up to code.

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Resources for Office Space Planning

When you’re planning office space, it’s hard to know where to start. So, we’ve poured 50+ years’ collective experience into a resource for helping you chart course to an effective, modern office design. In our office space planning whitepaper, you’ll find questions for decision-makers, guidance on setting objectives, determining requirements & getting buy-in, as well as evaluation strategies. Sound good?

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