Office Furniture Delivery & Installation

Office Furniture Delivery & Installation Represents a Significant Percentage of Your Total Project Cost.

And when that budget is forced to budge over poorly executed fulfillment, it’s a headache for everyone. You deserve a work space that works as hard as you do at every stage. Office Furniture Warehouse strives to streamline the process of procurement & facilities management by providing the office furniture delivery & installation services you need to complete a project with the quality assurance you need to maintain peace of mind.

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About Our Office Furniture Delivery & Installation Technicians

Our in-house technicians, trained in the safe handling, installation & service of our products, provide a layer of consistency & accountability our clients have come to expect. Both as a component of our onboarding program and on a regular basis, our technicians undergo rigorous training in different environments, manufacturers, methods and tools. Not to mention the experience of the outstanding work they do every day.

Our Process for Office Furniture Delivery & Installation

Office Furniture Warehouse policy is to receive signed quote & 50% deposit before scheduling any project. Once we’ve received acknowledgement of your order, we will coordinate with you to create a tentative schedule. On installation day, after inspecting for quality, our technicians will correspond with your point of contact at the project site. Upon arrival, technicians will check in and conduct a brief walkthrough to ensure the site is free of hazards. Following confirmation that the site is prepared, technicians will unload, stage, and build furniture according to the layout they’ve had time to review. Once the work environment has been cleared of debris, technicians conduct a final walkthrough with the point of contact to ensure satisfactory fulfillment. Technicians return to Office Furniture Warehouse with signed work order, after which your sales representative will follow up and remit an invoice for the remaining balance on the project.

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