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Need to update your workstations, but buying new cubicles isn’t an option?

Cubicles are referred to as “systems furniture” for a reason – they’re made up of modular components. This means that, unlike office furniture case goods, cubicle components can be removed, reconditioned & rearranged. Office Furniture Warehouse provides a variety of services to help you form feasible, tailored cubicle solutions.

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Cubicle Solutions

Below, you’ll find our service offerings for cubicle workstations.

Cubicle Installation

Keep your cubicle installation organized.

Coordinating a cubicle installation can be a big job. You usually have multiple contractors that need to stay in sequence and out of each others’ way. You need to minimize downtime for displaced employees. And, more often than not, you don’t have enough time to oversee every step. Office Furniture Warehouse offers cubicle installation services for businesses, but what we provide is quality assurance. With office space planning & project management included, you’ll forget you have a cubicle installation by the time our technicians arrive.

Upon arrival, our technicians conduct a walkthrough to confirm the space is free of hazards and fully prepared. They will then complete the first portion of the cubicle installation. This entails assembling the panels and post connectors in your desired configuration. If your cubicle panels have integrated power and data, your I.T. coordinator or electrical contractor will then come in to run cabling. Once the workstations are powered, our technicians will complete the cubicle installation by adding finish caps, work surfaces and storage implements. Finally, we will conduct our final walkthrough to ensure quality execution and your satisfaction. Sound good? Tell us about your project!

Cubicle Reconfiguration

Workspaces should work as hard as you do.

Sometimes, you end up with a cubicle layout that isn’t conducive to productivity. On an organizational level, cubicle layout impacts the effectiveness of your work processes. On an individual level, cubicle design plays a part in determining the occupants’ productivity. Finding an effective balance of individual workstation design and overall office planning can be difficult. Whether you have 5 benching stations or 500 workstations, Office Furniture Warehouse can help find the most effective cubicle configuration.

After walking your space, providing an office layout consultation, and creating an agreed-upon layout, we will coordinate with you to schedule the cubicle reconfiguration. Our technicians will disassemble your existing cubicles as necessary, safely staging components out of the way. Technicians will install your new configuration after full disassembly. Finally, we will conduct our final walkthrough to ensure quality execution and your satisfaction. Sound good? Tell us about your project!

Cubicle Cleaning

Can’t remember the last time your cubicles were cleaned?

Office Furniture Warehouse employs the CFR system to clean cubicle panels and refresh the workspace. The CFR system utilizes a non-toxic cleaning solution that is deployed and immediately vacuumed up along with residual office filth. The process leaves cubicle fabric only slightly damp, able to dry in minutes. The major benefit to our cubicle cleaning process is keeping your cubicle manufacturer’s warranty intact, which typical carpet cleaners will void. Cleaning cubicles can dramatically improve indoor air quality, shown to have significant effects on people’s productivity. Need a a workspace refresh? Get the ball rolling by clicking here.

Cubicle Reupholstery

Cubicle panels don’t wear out – they “ugly” out.

Reupholstery is one of our cost-effective cubicle solutions for revitalizing your workstation components. Reconditioning your cubicle panels’ fabric components will upgrade the aesthetic appearance of your workstations, as well as improve indoor air quality. While you can expect some downtime during the process, it is often quicker and less invasive to your work environment than new cubicle installation. Our process entails:

  • On-Site Cubicle Disassembly
  • Transportation to Office Furniture Warehouse
  • Application of New Cubicle Upholstery
  • Delivery & Installation of Reupholstered Cubicles

With a varied selection of component materials in hundreds of finish options, putting your work space refresh in motion is only a contact form away.

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Cubicle Case Studies

Project profiles of our work with other businesses pursuing objectives through modular workstations.