Office Furniture Services

We’re Here To Make Your Workspace Work As Hard As You Do.

By that, we mean we’re experts in the movement of commercial furniture. From origin to our dock, then into your workspace and whatever comes next. Over the past ten years, we’ve honed our procurement, fulfillment and installation processes to cultivate a seamless, one-stop shop for office furniture services.

Under the Office Furniture Warehouse umbrella, we’re proud to offer delivery, installation, furniture space planning and reconfiguration. Our OSHA-trained team of technicians has the capacity to render quality-assured office furniture services throughout the Southeast. Our project management team can coordinate remote installations, drop-shipping and other solutions for non-local businesses or providers.

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Then, for more specific responses to growth, change and relocation, we’ve developed our major service divisions. OFW+Move offers commercial relocation services and project management to streamline workplace transitions. MyChairDoctor is a chair repair and reupholstery resource for keeping companies lean and green. OFW+Med caters to the healthcare work environment, offering specialized services for workspaces that promote wellbeing.

Need someone to walk you through the whole process? Perfect. We’re here for you from planning to punch list. Already working with someone? Excellent – we have the capacity to interface with architects, designers, project managers and more. Whether your workplace transition is on the horizon or just on the brain, you deserve a unique solution. If you’ll tell us a bit about yourself and your scope, we’ll help cultivate a workspace that works as hard as you do.

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Primary Office Furniture Services

Office Moves & Commercial Relocation


Change is hard. So, we’ve endeavored to make moving offices should be easy. OFW+Move is a resource for helping businesses respond to the challenges posed by growth, change and relocation. Our insured, OSHA-trained furniture technicians can render service throughout the Southeast and beyond with an unrivaled emphasis on sustainability.

Chair Repair and Reupholstery


Does your office have a chair graveyard? According to an estimate by the EPA, furniture and furnishings account for nearly 9.8 million tons of landfill waste annually. MyChairDoctor is a chair repair, reupholstery and recycling division for helping businesses save on seating expense and successfully integrate with local sustainability efforts.

Services for Healthcare


Your work promotes wellbeing of both patients and staff – so should your workspace! OFW+Med is a resource for helping clinical health providers furnish cohesive, cost-effective workspaces. In addition to maintaining an inventory of used medical office furniture, our team has the capability to service healthcare-specific needs like graded upholstery, HIPPAA compliance and more.

Other Office Furniture Services

Office Furniture Delivery & Installation

Our insured, OSHA-trained team of office furniture technicians have the capacity to execute projects throughout the Southeast. Our project management team has ten years experience streamlining workspace transitions. Learn more about our office furniture delivery & installation services here!

Office Furniture Space Planning

Our project management team takes the time to listen to the unique needs of each client and reciprocate with a customized solutions. We have the capacity to work with existing office space, plans for a new buildout, third party contractors and more. Learn more about our office furniture space planning services here!

Office Furniture Reconfiguration

Time to update? Our team can plan and reconfigure your current office layout to cultivate a new workspace without the new furniture expense. Learn about our office furniture reconfiguration services here!

Office Cubicle Solutions

Before you buy new cubicles and/or dispose of your existing ones, explore our services specific to systems furniture. Our team has the capacity to clean, reconfigure, raise and more to existing cubicle workstations. Learn more about our office cubicle solutions here!

Floor Covering Services

We’re here to support you everywhere we can. Planning, procurement and installation of both soft- and hard-surface commercial floor covering. Learn more about our floor covering services here!

Lock & Key Services

Can you think of anything more frustrating than a locked file cabinet with no key when you need what’s inside? Lockpicking, re-keying, key-alike and more with pickup and delivery options. Learn more about lock and key services here!

Signage & Wayfinding Services

You know what leaves an unpleasant impression? Being lost in an office building. Get your guests where they’re going with branded systems of directional, compliance and navigational implements. Learn more about our signage and wayfinding services here!

Office Furniture Storage

Part of our climate-controlled, 80,000sqft warehouse is reserved for client storage with managed inventory and receiving. Our team can maintain, protect and help redeploy your assets if necessary. Learn more about our office furniture storage options here!