Install Cubicles for Hixson Healthcare Management Company

The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to reconfigure and install cubicles as a local healthcare management organization expanded into a newly renovated space. The company planned to expand their administrative offices in 2017 by buying and renovating a building. The space, adjacent to their existing offices, was meant to accommodate the organization’s steady growth. However, within the first 3 months of moving in, they grew from covering 60 to 90 providers. This spike generated a need for more workspace than was presently allocated to quality management, EMR and application support.

After finding out that it would be more expensive to build upstairs, decided to renovate and reconfigure 2,700sqft of workspace on the ground floor. The ensuing project added partitions to create a separate open plan workspace with one private office. The Office Furniture Warehouse team followed the pace of renovation to reconfigure and install cubicles from existing inventory.

Reconfigure & Install Cubicles

First, our team disassembled a pod of 8 cubicles and added them to existing groups. Then, we reconfigured another 12 cubicles to make way for the renovation. After covering the system to protect it from the buildout, our technicians pulled out for finish contractors to complete their portion of the project. Once the renovation was complete, we uncovered the existing system and made a plan to install cubicles in the newly partitioned space. Our technicians would add another 12 cubicles, reconfiguring the existing product into three rows of 8 workstations. The new panels alternated from a 6’x6′ workstation to a 5.5’x6′ workstation to allow adequate clearance in the space.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

Separate from our effort to reconfigure and install cubicles, we had the opportunity to furnish ergonomic desking systems for another group of staff colocated with the newly reconfigured cubicles. Four l-desk workstations set against the rear have adjustable height worksurfaces and partitions for more effective division in a compact footprint. Between the open plan desking and the cubicle workstations is the Health Information Technology Director office. A bullet desk and long credenza with storage are complemented by both an ergonomic sit-stand and informal gathering table.

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