Facilitating an Office Transition for Equitas Management

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Equitas Management Group, LLC is a full-service development company that partners with clients to meet their development and construction needs by offering site selection, due diligence, financing, property acquisition, entitlements, planning, design & construction management. Based in Chattanooga, TN, Equitas specializes in retail, multi-unit and industrial build-to-suit projects across the country. The Office Furniture Warehouse team has had the privilege to develop a relationship on previous projects with the property manager handling their office space, and recently had the opportunity to assist with the commercial office furniture component of another workspace transition.


The Space

A local construction firm’s administrative offices and CAD department are moving to a new space. The new space is approximately 3000 sq. ft., almost 25% of which is open workspace. The remaining space is partitioned into eleven offices and one conference room. The property manager needs to move existing commercial office furniture from four offices to the new space, as well as have workstations and conference furniture installed.

The People

Eighteen employees are transitioning into the new space. It’s home to a mix of engineers, management & executive team members. While the department is only relocating between neighboring buildings, the schedule depended on another group’s move. The current space needed to be ready for the new occupants before the transition. The new occupants received new furniture, creating an excess in the space. Some occupants of the current space temporarily relocated to avoid full downtime during the transition. However, their furniture stayed put with the remaining occupants in the interim.

commercial office furniture

“My goal as the PM over this project was to move 18 Equitas Employees of all levels to their new office space in the across the parking lot. The project requirements are robust: remodeling, removal and erecting of walls, moving and adding light fixtures, electrical, flooring, painting and the task of connecting to our IT server in the new building.” – Laura Herren, Executive Assistant


Storage & Consolidated Delivery

The property manager stored excess furniture from the current space in our warehouse before the transition to the new space. By doing this, our team was able to streamline the delivery, office move & installation into two days. One team of technicians delivered the new furniture while another team consolidated the existing furniture. Commercial office furniture delivered from storage and moved from the current space was then assembled in the new space.

Cubicle Workstations

The cubicles are built with a blend of new & used cubicle components. Buying new cubicles (on the higher end) usually entails at least a few weeks of lead time. The property manager happened to find a solution that fit their needs in our pre-owned inventory of cubicles. Choosing the recycling route often affords three big wins. Lead times? Whenever you’re ready. Price tag? Reduced by roughly 40% compared to buying new for this specific project. Environmental impact? Used furniture requires only the resources to pack & ship, compared to what’s necessary for manufacturing new furniture and sending it down the supply chain.

Curved cherry-laminate work surfaces and 67″ vinyl panels make up the 6′ x 8′ cubicles. Eye-level cubicle panels will increase the visual privacy relative to their previous area, and vinyl adds to the quality of acoustic privacy in open work spaces. Each of the six workstations has an overhead flipper drawer complemented by dual pedestal file cabinets beneath the work surface, which matches the amount of storage available to individuals in their previous space.

commercial office furniture

Custom Conference Table

The conference table is from our pre-owned inventory of commercial office furniture as well. It’s also another great example of a cost-effective workspace that doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics or functionality. The 10′ conference table is positioned against a wall to seat nine – four on each side with the head of the table opposite a mounted monitor. Since the meeting space must accommodate remote conferencing needs, we configured the table to integrate power, voice & data. Simply making a custom cut and installing a power module in the table afforded a fully-integrated meeting space.

commercial office furniture


“I have worked with OFW successfully many times this year with several other projects and definitely wanted them to help me with this one! We had furniture from the existing office space they were moving out of, EMJ storage unit, OFW warehouse, new special order furniture from OFW as well as re-purposed furniture from OFW warehouse to move into the new space. I couldn’t have had a better team to work with on such a task. Carl Hames and the warehouse team ( Big Jason, Little Jason, Daniel, Brian, Chris, Jesse, Ken and Jack) were professional, proficient and anticipated all my needs. My experience with OFW has been exceptional and I will continue to use them for any and all my furniture needs! They completed this project smoothly and on-time!”

commercial office furniture
Tiled images of the office suites relocated to the new space. Office Furniture Warehouse didn't sell this furniture, but we're more than capable of handling it. The granite work surface pictured in the middle left image is an heirloom from the founder - and weighs a few hundred pounds. No sweat - all safety.

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Managing change in the workplace entails much more than the movement of commercial office furniture.

Coordinating all the moving parts takes a lot. Effective project management requires partnerships that make the job easier on all sides. That’s why we’re here – to forge relationships that help make your workspace work as hard as you do. Office transition at hand, or just on the brain?

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