Cubicle Reconfiguration for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) strives to offer students an experiential learning environment graced with outstanding teaching scholars in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in collaboration with our many regional partners. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with UTC on a cubicle reconfiguration at a newly acquired office space in Downtown Chattanooga.


UTC recently acquired what was previously Chattanooga’s State building, and is in the process of retrofitting the building’s mechanical systems. Staff are being transitioned periodically as renovations in different areas are completed. The Office Furniture Warehouse team helped consolidate existing workstations from multiple UTC properties with a cubicle reconfiguration on the 4th floor of the new building, which is occupied by various administrative and support departments.


Cubicle Reconfiguration

First, our team tore down existing furniture in the space. We staged the furniture out of the planned path of renovation. After we cleared the space, contractors came in to complete their renovation. At the same time, our technicians disassembled workstations in multiple locations at multiple properties owned by UTC. Once the renovation was complete, our technicians returned to consolidate the disassembled components on the first section of the fourth floor.

Using the materials staged out of the renovation’s path, we reconfigured the existing product to fit the architect’s drawing of the first wing with a group of three, six and eight workstations. Once we completed this installation, we repeated the process with the second section of the fourth floor. The second portion of the cubicle reconfiguration positioned a pod of 6 workstations adjacent to 16 call center workstations, with another pod of 3 workstations and 4 supervisor cubicles spread throughout the wing.

Cubicle Panel Cleaning

Before fully assembling cubicles, we cleaned the panels. Our technicians employ a system that utilizes a non-toxic cleaning solution deployed and immediately vacuumed up along with residual office filth. The process leaves cubicle fabric only slightly damp, able to dry in minutes. The major benefit to our cubicle cleaning process is two-fold. The first is keeping your cubicle manufacturer’s warranty intact, which typical carpet cleaners will void. Second, cleaning cubicles can dramatically improve indoor air quality which is shown to have significant effects on people’s productivity.


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