Converting Used Chairs to Saved Energy

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Empower Chattanooga is an initiative spearheaded by our friends at green|spaces that seeks to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods experiencing unmanageable utility expenses by providing education + resources to break an unfortunate cycle. The program is the Chattanooga community’s entry into the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition:

“Through this competition, communities will be challenged to work together with their local governments and utilities in order to develop and begin implementing plans for innovative, replicable, scalable and continual reductions in the per capita energy consumed from local natural gas and electric utilities.” –

Sustainability + Community

These are the two core components of OFW‘s mission.Thus, when green|spaces put the opportunity on the table, our only reasonable course of action was to create a partnership program that multiplies the effects of local sustainability efforts by coupling energy savings with waste reduction.empowerblog-01

For each used or refurbished chair we sell over $100, we’ve pledged to contribute the value of one energy savings kit to the Empower Chattanooga initiative for use in hosting workshops, creating educational resources & providing materials to boost energy savings in the home.

Local Effort + Local Impact

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Between the beginning of July and the end of September, our flagship partner program generated

67 Chairs = $536.00 = 67 Energy Savings Educations

for residents of underserved communities. That’s literally over a ton of material diverted from the waste stream and as much as $250 in monthly energy savings per household among residents who implement sustainable practices in their home (based on results Empower Chattanooga’s seen so far).

What’s Next?

This is our second contribution to Empower Chattanooga‘s “Save It Forward” efforts, and we’ve decided that we’ll spread our donations out quarterly. But we didn’t get into this to count chairs – we’re here for community building, damn it!

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As you may likely know, we’re moving. At our new space, we’re hoping to do our part to encourage a sustainable culture in our immediate surroundings by teaming with our neighbors & other local community leaders to host Empower Chattanooga workshops.

“What Can I Do?”

The name of the game is fostering grassroots engagement.

empower chattanooga

  • green|spaces has developed relationships with community leaders, found how to provide energy savings materials & put feet on the ground. Click here to donate directly or volunteer!
  • OFW will continue our efforts to multiply the effects of local sustainability efforts. Click here to find a recycled chair solution that will contribute to energy savings educations for residents of our local community!
  • All of this starts with youClick here to find ways to implement sustainable energy practices in your home!

Thanks for Reading!

Please, let us know your thoughts on our program & how you put energy savings into practice! Leave a comment below + subscribe to our newsletter for more updates on local sustainability efforts.

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