A Contemporary, Cost-Effective Workplace for The Doughnut Peddler

The Doughnut Peddler delivers doughnuts and pastries to convenience stores throughout Arizona, Florida, Southern California, Colorado and, most recently, Tennessee! The Office Furniture Warehouse team had the opportunity to furnish a few contemporary office spaces for the Doughnut Peddler in their newly renovated Chattanooga facility.


contemporary office ideas

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 2 of 3 Offices, Conference Room, Reception Area & Break Room before installation

The Space

The Doughnut Peddler totally renovated the new space to make it work for employees. While the facility is in a mainly industrial area, opening up windows allows a flood of natural light, complemented by a sharp, subtle finish scheme. Office Furniture Warehouse would be furnishing the reception area, operations offices, conference & break rooms.

The People

The front office serves as the base of operations in Tennessee. While there are only a few team members up front, the space can experience high volumes of traffic in a busy day. Making effective use of space for work & storage spaces was a high priority. In addition to the managerial staff, a number of employees are actually producing fresh pastries on site for local distribution. While pictures of the Doughnut Peddler’s process are highly classified, we can tell you that a very friendly team runs a very tight ship. The environment is meticulously clean, the zero-accident target is consistently met, and they’ll even give you a tour (highly recommend).

“We wanted to create a workplace that’s neat & impressive, but cost-effective. We wanted to make sure the budget allowed us to let our employees know how much we appreciate them.”
– Matt Melland, General Manager


contemporary office deskEffective Space Utilization in Offices

Three offices are in one corner of the building, connected by the reception area. The offices are occupied by managerial staff, who have two needs we frequently identify in supervisor spaces. First, room to accommodate private meetings with a handful of people. Second, room to accommodate systems of storage & organization. Two of the offices are outfitted with a u-desk with hutch and file cabinet storage. Based on employee preference, the third office replaces the u-group and hutch with L-desk and storage shelving . Though the workstation’s footprint provided plenty of room to work, there’s still space to maneuver when guests are present.

Contemporary Office Common Areas

contemporary office chairsThe conference and break rooms would, at one point or another, be used by all the employees. Thus, these spaces presented the greatest opportunity to convey employee appreciation.

The break room is outfitted with all-white, café height tables and stools. The conference room is configured in a popular setup: boat slab table with cube base and data integration, mounted whiteboards & comfortable seating. The conference chairs, which bear special mention, were reupholstered from our inventory of used office chairs & picked in order to make the space pop. Proof that “contemporary” and “cost-effective” are possibilities that can indeed coincide!


contemporary office conference room

Phenomenal natural lighting in the Doughnut Peddler’s new conference room.

contemporary office reception

The renovation and finish scheme still allows for light to permeate throughout the space.

contemporary office workstations

Another corner office showcase of our favorite way to bolster employee wellbeing – a study by Northwestern University concluded that there is a strong relationship between workplace daylight exposure and office workers’ sleep, activity and quality of life.

contemporary office break room

Picking the brightest finish for the only space that doesn’t receive natural lighting. Go get some doughnuts, you deserve it.

PSA: contemporary office spaces don’t have to break the bank or take ten weeks!

Thanks for reading! We hope that our project profiles showcase how other businesses are leveraging their work environments. We also hope that, when you need a resource for cultivating contemporary office environments, you’ll call on Office Furniture Warehouse. Have a work space that isn’t working as hard as you are?

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