Here's our take on a quick glossary of 5 themes you're sure to hear about office design trends in 2019. We're going to cover the meteoric rise of flexible office space, resimercial design, amenities, ancillary spaces, and, finally, designing for five generations simultaneously. Flexible Office Design Trends Corporate occupiers have long been pursuing workplaces that [...] Continue reading →

Effective collaboration enables greater efficiency, and it’s no longer a bonus. A recent HBR survey of over 300 US executives found that a new class of collaboration tools is required, not preferred, to facilitate the pace of today’s digital teams. Knowledge work is both cognitive and social, requiring people to internalize information and create an [...] Continue reading →

In 2018, the U.S. administration levied taxes on a broad range of products from foreign nations, most notably including China, the EU, Mexico and Canada. Whatever your political persuasion, let’s examine the ways that tariffs ultimately affect office furniture buying: the economic effects, the industry response and what it all means for you. Economic Effects [...] Continue reading →

One of our credos at Office Furniture Warehouse is that commercial furniture is more than a commodity - it's a process. However, thinking like your CFO will help make more efficient use of your capital expense on furniture, fixtures and equipment. Staying responsive to adjustments concerning deductions, caps and depreciation can significantly impact your bottom [...] Continue reading →

Workplace Experience Leesman recently published a comprehensive analysis of the "workplace experience framework". The study collected responses from nearly half a million  global employees, striving to map a complex web of factors that contribute to employee sentiment toward the workplace. Then, based on the weight of responses, Leesman isolated the elements of an exceptional workplace [...] Continue reading →

The overarching "why" of cultivating creative work environments is simple: businesses need to leverage their most valuable resource, human capital. The question then becomes "how" do we maximize the potential, performance & productivity of our people with those work environments? In this blog, we take a look at why your reception area design & reception furniture should [...] Continue reading →

Any task, be it labor-intensive or purely for pleasure, will exhaust the body & mind after a prolonged period. Work, in all it's forms, is no exception. Providing a space for employees to find respite from the grind, however brief, benefits performance and, ultimately, the bottom line. Thus, some concerned thought about break room furniture, accessibility & the [...] Continue reading →

Southeastern Retina specializes in treatment and surgery for diseases of the retina and vitreous, exploring the cutting edge of clinical research and providing service that has positioned their nationally recognized, board-certified ophthalmologists as the region's leading experts for comprehensive retina care. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with Southeastern Retina, installing [...] Continue reading →

What is Coworking? Coworking is a booming industry of real estate “operators” that purvey workspace and amenities to short-term tenants. A years’ worth of coworking in Hong Kong and London cost US$7,607 and US$11,931, respectively. Conventional office space leases in the same cities each cost over US$22,000 annually. This means that, by planning effectively, organizations [...] Continue reading →