In 2018, the U.S. administration levied taxes on a broad range of products from foreign nations, most notably including China, the EU, Mexico and Canada. Whatever your political persuasion, let’s examine the ways that tariffs ultimately affect office furniture buying: the economic effects, the industry response and what it all means for you. Economic Effects [...] Continue reading →

Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU) serves more than 134,000 members from 17 branch locations, offering a wide array of cost-saving financial services through numerous delivery channels designed to meet the needs of their ever-growing membership. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to assist TVFCU with their corporate relocation between buildings in Downtown [...] Continue reading →

In 2017, we moved to a new building. We'd like to use our transition as an example in breaking down our experience with project management & office moves. Our hope is that, by reading this, you can avoid learning some of these lessons the hard way. In this installment of the blog series, we're going to outline how to go [...] Continue reading →

The overarching "why" of cultivating creative work environments is simple: businesses need to leverage their most valuable resource, human capital. The question then becomes "how" do we maximize the potential, performance & productivity of our people with those work environments? In this blog, we take a look at why your reception area design & reception furniture should [...] Continue reading →

Any task, be it labor-intensive or purely for pleasure, will exhaust the body & mind after a prolonged period. Work, in all it's forms, is no exception. Providing a space for employees to find respite from the grind, however brief, benefits performance and, ultimately, the bottom line. Thus, some concerned thought about break room furniture, accessibility & the [...] Continue reading →

The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to help the administrative functions of a healthcare organization with the process of office relocation to their newly acquired space in Chattanooga. Objectives The Space  The organization recently acquired an entire level of an office building, outfitting the floor for use by administrative staff. Private offices and common spaces surround two [...] Continue reading →

Southeastern Retina specializes in treatment and surgery for diseases of the retina and vitreous, exploring the cutting edge of clinical research and providing service that has positioned their nationally recognized, board-certified ophthalmologists as the region's leading experts for comprehensive retina care. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with Southeastern Retina, installing [...] Continue reading →

JJ & Jason’s Week Out We spent the week at Trendway’s offices for product training and, despite our best efforts, left with great memories of the week and plenty of product knowledge to bring back home. As your sole providers of Trendway office furniture in the Tennessee tri-cities area, we wanted to share this gallery of images from […]

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Murphy's Law is rarely more applicable than during the process of commercial relocation. No matter the degree of organization, experience & capability applied, things will go wrong. To help ensure that you're still standing when the dust clears, we've put together 10 tips and an office move timeline to help your manage the moving process [...] Continue reading →