2017 has been an eventful year. While still getting settled in our new building, we’ve had opportunities to jump back into our work with local causes and new neighbors. We’ve been all over the place: fundraising for Susan G. Komen, cooking out with the Boyce Station Neighborhood Association, and making plans going forward. Right now, however, we get to wrap up the second quarter with a new favorite task: tallying our quarterly contribution to Empower Chattanooga!

Our Partnership with Empower Chattanooga

Empower Chattanooga’s “Save It Forward” Infographic

Empower Chattanooga is a community program, coordinated by green|spaces, aimed at creating energy savings in historically low-income areas experiencing disparately high utility expenses.

Office Furniture Warehouse is a member of green|spaces, presently working toward their third-party sustainability certification – we’ll get to that, though. The bottom line is that we relish our opportunities to work with green|spaces. So, last April, we began our partnership program. For every sale of used chairs $100 or greater, Office Furniture Warehouse contributes the value of one energy savings kit to Empower. Our contribution goes directly toward hosting energy savings classes and furnishing attendees with materials to reduce energy consumption in their homes. The first year of our partnership yielded the equivalent of energy savings educations for 161 households – a figure we’re hoping to double.

Our Plans Going Forward

Partnership with Empower Chattanooga

The first contribution our program’s second year totaled $256, the equivalent of 32 energy savings educations for people who could very well be our neighbors. Our $2400 goal for 2017 is based on a kit for every household in the Boyce Station slice of East Chattanooga (approximately 300 homes in our new neighborhood). It’s a lofty goal, but used office chairs are a win/win/win scenario. You’re creating a cost-effective workspace, we’re keeping quality furniture out of the landfill, and Empower Chattanooga gets support in promoting energy savings throughout the community.

Sustainable Business Certification & Celebration

Back to green|light – green|light is a third party corporate sustainability certification for Chattanooga businesses. The program, coordinated by green|spaces, helps businesses to realize cost savings, stronger public image & employee attraction by fostering a culture of environmental stewardship. Office Furniture Warehouse is presently working toward out green|light certification, which entails outlining our policies & procedures to find where we can set a higher standard for sustainability and making adjustments accordingly. Green Drinks is an international program that holds monthly meetings in cities all over the world, meetings at which people from all areas of business, academia, government, and non-government mingle. There are no specific prerequisites for attendees beyond a firm awareness of our need for environmental sustainability.

green|light is an opportunity to engrain sustainability in business, and Green Drinks is an opportunity for sustainably-minded professionals to connect. So, Office Furniture Warehouse will be celebrating our green|light certification by hosting Green Drinks with green|spaces on September 27th.

Won’t You Join Us?

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Wondering “What Can I Do”?

Getting involved is easy. At Office Furniture Warehouse, we pride ourselves on delivering sustainable solutions. If you’re looking to cultivate a workspace that promotes conservation, click here to tell us about your project. If you’re looking to volunteer your time/resources to local sustainability efforts, green|spaces is an excellent resource for doing so. Clicking the button will take you to our page on green|spaces website, where you have the opportunity to take action.

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The overarching “why” of cultivating creative work environments is simple: businesses need to leverage their most valuable resource, human capital. The question then becomes “how” do we maximize the potential, performance & productivity of our people with those work environments? In this blog, we take a look at why your reception area design & reception furniture should be a matter of serious contemplation and how to cultivate a space that creates positive first impressions.

“Why take the time to consider our office reception design?”

reception furniture | reception desk design | reception counter design | reception desk ideas | reception area design | office reception design | modern reception area | cool reception desks | reception area desks

Curved Reception Desk with 2/3 : 1/3’s Laminate/Plexi

Ready or Not, an Impression Will Be Made.

From the perspective of workplace design and office furniture, the reception area has the greatest potential to influence people through purposeful design. Any person, left to their own devices in a new space, will form a perception based on their environmental awareness. The “where/when/how” of creating a first impression is up to chance, but “what” the message is and “why” it matters are controllable factors. The spatial and physical orientations, flow of people & branded design of any given space are all components to be leveraged in alignment with the message to be conveyed.

It’s an Opportunity to Put People in a Positive Frame of Mind.

The moment someone passes through your reception area is an opportunity for your business. And guess what? You can rarely present for it. The first and last touches with your brand can affirm the person’s decision about whether you’re a good fit. Here are a few good reasons to cultivate a reception area that puts people in a desired frame of mind:

  • reception furniture | reception desk design | reception counter design | reception desk ideas | reception area design | office reception design | modern reception area | cool reception desks | reception area desks

    L-Shaped Reception Desk with transaction top accentuated by plexi panel

    Customers & Visitors

Your reception area design is a chance to communicate what people can expect going forward with your brand. There’s a psychological concept called “thin-slicing” that’s applicable to an individual’s experience with a business. It refers to people’s tendency to draw conclusions based on a short interaction. Thinking objectively, what do people experience in your reception area? Can your desired tone & values be synthesized from the environment? What does that lasting message say?

  • Employees & Prospective Staff

People deserve an office that they look forward to. Thinking beyond the first-time visitor, what does a routine occupant think when they walk in the door? In the struggle to attract and retain top talent, the experience of entering a space where said talent may spend a good chunk of their time should be a top consideration.

“How can my reception furniture really influence positive impressions?”

Brand People’s Experience of the Built Environment

Reception is generally near entryways, areas that experience the highest traffic. Designing visitors’ experience from the get-go is a carte blanche opportunity. The short version – strategically broadcast your values and mission to cultivate positive impressions of your brand. Here are a few ways to brand people’s impression of your business:

  • Sensory Cues

These are components of workspace that many people won’t consciously recognize. Here’s an awesome infographic with design elements to convey your brand messaging. To name a few: natural light to boost mood and feelings of reassurance, live plants to demonstrate your ability to provide care and maintenance, quality literature & refreshments to make sure people know you’re concerned about more than making sales.

  • Service & Culture

People want to feel taken care of. The “built environment” doesn’t encompass occupants of a space. However, interactions with your brand representatives certainly play a part in the perceptions formed. Smiling service ought to be obligatory, but it doesn’t stop there. Individuals notice the flow and behavior of those they don’t directly interact with. Branding customer experience depends on modeling expectations from a top-down perspective. It’s your brand. Set the cultural standards you’d want to observe.

  • Selective Curation

This goes back to people’s tendency to draw conclusions about an experience after a short period. Showcase material might help potential customers see themselves working with you: accolades you’ve received, charitable causes you support, and success stories of past clients. Go beyond slapping a logo on everything and placing brochures – people likely know who you are and what you do if they’re at your office. They likely also know their other options. You believe your brand is a cut above the rest – so, show them why.

reception furniture | reception desk design | reception counter design | reception desk ideas | reception area design | office reception design | modern reception area | cool reception desks | reception area desks

Modular Reception Desk with contrasting wood & paint finishes

Strategically Design Your Reception Furniture

“The reception is where every office day begins. Make sure this key area appears effortlessly branded, welcomes visitors and sets the right expectations for their experience, and inspires your employees to be proud about where they work.”
– Jeff Popechan | President, Strong Project

  • Reception Seating

Your reception furniture seating should be, first and foremost, durable, easily-cleaned & have a moisture barrier. In an area with such high traffic, both your employees and visitors will appreciate it. Comfortability comes next, and is not as straightforward as one might think. In another blog, we explored the concept of “temporality” in workspaces. This refers to the degree a space invites lingering. Visitors spending stints of alone time up front? Invest in seating that lets them get comfortable. People coming back after just a few moments? Invest in statement pieces to cultivate that lasting impression during those moments. Finally, include options for collaborative seating as well as individual. Creating a comfortable, accommodating atmosphere should be an overarching goal, and versatility will help.

  • reception furniture | reception desk design | reception counter design | reception desk ideas | reception area design | office reception design | modern reception area | cool reception desks | reception area desksReception Desk

Your reception desk is one of the most justifiable opportunities to invest in a statement piece. Reception desks are the most visible and frequently seen components of the workspace. So, find a desk aligned with your values to impart some “wow” factor. Position your reception desk for aesthetics, as well as to establish a barrier. Remember, you’re designing to influence behavior – you probably prefer for visitors to check in before barging the office. Finally, invest in a reception desk that meets ADA guidelines. This is simply a counter with wheelchair-accessible reception desk height and knee clearance. Setting up an ancillary counter as an alternate solution can easily clutter your floor plan.

  • Other Features

Give power to the people! In today’s tech-heavy climate, access to power, wi-fi and/or integrated reception furniture are appreciated amenities. In a very open space, noise may become too distracting for occupants to be comfortable. Investing in taller furniture can greatly impact the atmosphere (modular partitions, high-back chairs, etc) by dampen traveling sounds. Furnish visitors with coat racks, a reading rack, a bike rack…this list could extend endlessly. However, many would be trends that will inevitably turn. Focusing on how people use the space will reveal the most effective balance.

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Cultivating spaces that foster positive first impressions is never a cut-and-dry process. Each business deserves a unique workplace strategy. If you’re searching for solutions to broadcasting your mission & values through the built environment, then you’re in luck. We’ve put together a selection of reception furniture ideas so you can glean some contemporary inspiration for your own workspace. Ready to explore an investment in people’s perception of your brand?

reception furniture

The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with a global manufacturer at their headquarters in Chattanooga, TN to install a group of cubicle workstations for their sales department.


office furniture warehouse|cubicle workstations

office furniture warehouse|cubicle workstationsThe Space: the space was an open area on the second floor of the firm’s headquarters, set across from partitioned offices along a hallway. The space was previously outfitted with fixed laminate construction in an inflexible configuration. The space underwent a renovation in order to accommodate a new workstation configuration.

The People: the new workstations would be home to the a sales department, containing ten individual workstations and storage for staff. While making the most of available square footage, the workstations would need to be very accessible for sales staff on the fly as well as include a degree of flexibility to accommodate additional growth.

Our goal was to create a group of flexible workstations, making an easily navigable workspace with the option to expand.


cubicle workstations|modular workstations

cubicle workstations|glass panel stackers cubicle workstations|cubicle panels with glass Open Plan Cubicle Workstations

We designed a freestanding cubicle system comprised of 6 ft. x 8 ft. workstations, providing ample storage space and work surface area for individuals. The elongated L-desk configuration of the individual workstations is supported by a locking file pedestal on either end, with overhead storage and cable management. The workstations are arranged to create two “pods”, the exteriors of which are topped with frosted glass panels. This provides privacy but allows light into the cubicle to maintain a feeling of openness.

cubicle workstationsResults

Individual cubicles have plentiful storage and personal space while still allowing for a wider aisle between workstations. The glass panels provide a degree of privacy without cutting the occupant off from adjacent workspaces. The new configuration leveraged the existing space to accommodate growth opportunities – while the number of workstations was greater, we also used a cubicle system that is easily reconfigurable for adding workstations as necessary. With the space saved, the firm was also able to retain the configuration of existing areas without making significant renovations.

cubicle workstations

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be organizations’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Do you have a workspace that isn’t working quite as hard as you are?

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ERMC is a privately owned, total facility management services company headquartered in Chattanooga, TN that has delivered on the promise of “creating safe, clean and worry-free environments” for clients across the country since 1972. ERMC currently serves a wide variety of industries such as shopping centers, retail centers, commercial buildings, industrial & office centers, airports, and specialized facilities – striving to be a single source provider for all facility services so the customer can focus on their core business. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privilege of working with ERMC to complete a cubicle installation for their new corporate headquarters in Chattanooga, TN.


The Space: ERMC acquired a space previously occupied by a college and underwent an outfitting effort to transform the space into the new corporate headquarters. The end result of the construction process would be an expansive open space with sealed concrete floors and warehouse ceiling, with power run through a ceiling-mounted cable tray.

cubicle installation|office furniture warehouse|cubicle design

Pano of space before cubicle installation

The People: the new space would be housing departmental staff in an array of systems furniture as well as the executive offices, additional administrative cubicle workstations and space for storage.

Our goal was to create a system of workstations that addressed acoustical workplace design & provided a flexible solution for all departments while coordinating our cubicle installation with the construction and relocation schedules.


cubicle installation|drop ship office furniture

Saving delivery dollars by setting up drop ship direct from manufacturer

cubicle installation|office furniture installation

Staged & Ready for Installation

Drop Ship & Phased Cubicle Installation

The construction schedule for outfitting the space gave our team a significant amount of time to prepare, which was helpful for making sure our installation didn’t lag over into the time frame for relocating employees. We knew to expect a lead time and a firm window for completing the installation, so we opted to drop ship the cubicles directly to the facility to expedite installation and save money on delivery.

cubicle installation|8x8 cubicle workstations

Outer Pan of Single “Pod”, or Row of 8×8 Workstations

cubicle installation|cubicle workstation

8×8 Workstation

8 x 8 Cubicle Workstations

The main components of the system installed were 8ft. x 8ft. cubicles with framed glass panels, featuring 30″x72″ rectangular work surfaces with adjoining cockpit corner and double pedestal file cabinets. The panels have power run from the ceiling, giving each workstation a personal receptacle and work surface cable management. Arranged in rows by department, the cubicle “pods” alternate worksurface orientation on either side of the spine to maintain a more open layout while conserving square footage.

cubicle installation|executive cubicle workstation

Pano of 8×16 Workstation from Entrance

cubicle installation|executive workstations

VP Workstation through glass panel of adjoining cubicle

8 x 16 Cubicle Workstations

At the end of each “pod” of cubicle workstations are 8ft. x 16ft. cubicles for department VP’s. These workstations feature the same components as 8 x 8 cubicles with a slight variation: by re-orienting the pedestal file cabinets side-by-side and adding a bullet-top worksurface with post-leg support, the cubicle becomes a u-group workstation with plenty of room to spread out and host visitors. Other unique workstations in the project include a transaction-top workstation for reception and a slew of administrative cubicles.

cubicle installation|high density filing system

High Density Filing System Pano

cubicle installation|high density files

High-Density Filing System

The pinnacle of bespoke office storage solutions. High-density filing systems encompass modular shelving mounted on a track, with 3-spoke wheels on the end panel assembly for moving 10,000 lbs. of shelving with 1 lb. of effort. This arrangement allows a (roughly) 600 sq. ft. room to house approximately 2,500 sq. ft. of stacked filing and storage space.

cubicle installation|office sound masking

cubicle installation|sound masking systemsSound Masking System

After the outfit, the acoustical challenges presented by an open warehouse space with lofty ceilings remained. To combat the noise pollution inherent to any open space with many occupants, we devised a sound masking layout – the highlighted objects hanging from the ceiling that resemble white can lights. These are 5″ speakers that eliminate standing waves and metallic resonance by emitting an unobtrusive background noise. This achieves the effect of dampened noise distractions from one zone to another, essentially making speech less intelligible and less distracting between departments.


cubicle installation|modular cubicle workstations

After cubicle installation – workstations on opposite sides of a “pod”

cubicle installation|executive cubicles

Departmental VP workstations

cubicle installation|corporate cubicles

Finishing up cubicle installation

“ERMC’s goal for the new space was to promote collaboration between all employees regardless of what department or title. Our old office was segmented by office walls and tall cubicles. You could go an entire day without speaking to or seeing some of your coworkers.  The new open floor-plan is to break-down those barriers and foster an environment where collaborating with your coworkers is normal and comfortable.” – Alisa Russell, ERMC

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be businesses’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Do you have a workspace that isn’t working as hard as you are?

cubicle installation|Tell Us About Your Project!

Any task, be it labor-intensive or purely for pleasure, will exhaust the body & mind after a prolonged period. Work, in all it’s forms, is no exception. Providing a space for employees to find respite from the grind, however brief, benefits performance and, ultimately, the bottom line. Thus, some concerned thought about break room furniture, accessibility & the end-user will go a long way toward happier, more productive people.

So, in this blog, we look at why and how to cultivate common areas that put your people in a positive frame of mind, promote collaboration & support employees’ wellbeing.


“The way you set up an office breakroom can actually have a material effect on your revenues and profitability.”

Put Simply, Break Rooms Have Purpose.

The primary reason for having a break room is to provide space for employees to eat & recharge. In many workplaces, the position of the break room lends itself to being a space for both seeking privacy & staging purposeful collaboration. Also, local laws often require breaks (depending on location). For instance, in Tennessee, most employees working six consecutive hours or more are required to take a 30-minute unpaid break. So, mandated or not, why would you leave people to take those breaks in the broom closet? Another break room benefit is as a source of information. Beyond calendars and policies, this space is an opportunity to positively affect employees’ experience by conveying your appreciation and values.

Break Rooms Promote Employees’ Productivity & Wellness.

On an individual level, taking breaks from the steady stream of daily tasks has been shown to reduce stress & increase productivity. Workplace stress is the major source of stress for American adults by a wide margin. By having a space to briefly disconnect and recharge, employees can more easily combat feelings of stress and boost cognitive performance. On a group level, break rooms act as a center for social interaction. Socializing in the workplace has been shown to build bonds of trust between co-habitants – instrumental to cultivating a workforce greater than the sum of it’s parts.


break room furniture|natural wood tables|bar-height tables

A well-lit break room space with neutral tones and natural wood to promote feelings of physical & psychological comfort.

“Break rooms are a place where employees can step out of the work zone without stepping out of the office.”
– Neal Jenson

Provide Options with Break Room Furniture

An agile workplace rises to each day’s challenge. How does a break room make a workplace more agile? It’s not because it provides space to connect, collaborate or decompress – it’s because the break room space can rise to all three of those needs. Create a space where people can go be alone, find connections, or stage collaboration with comfortable functionality. Café tables and/or lounge furniture are popular trends in break room furniture shown to increase workplace collaboration, providing a space to eat and relax that doesn’t feel like an office extension.

break room furniture

Modular lounge furniture arrangements for promoting casual collaboration.

Promote Breaks & People’s Wellbeing

Beyond your break room furniture, differentiate the space via design. Visually separating the space from the rest of the workplace will more fully allow workers to disconnect and find rest. Lighting is a major consideration – “foot candle” is an industry measure for light intensity, and lowering the foot candles of a space can help the mind decompress. Dimmable LED lighting is an excellent solution because, although we don’t perceive it, flickering fluorescent bulbs put major strain on our eyes.

Make the break room accessible to everyone in the office, then encourage them to spend time there! This communal space can be used to stimulate knowledge sharing by setting the stage for chance encounters. Convey your appreciation for people’s effort and concern for their wellbeing. Offer healthy options for food and encourage healthful activity. Provide culturally-appropriate amenities while also cultivating feelings of ownership by adding democratically-selected features and putting the onus on end-users to keep the space tidy.

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re no stranger to break rooms desperately in need of an update. Old, sticky fixtures dimly lit by flickering lights, littered with questionably-functional appliances and trade publications from before millennials’ time.

All-too-familiar? You’re in luck. We’ve put together a selection of contemporary break room furniture for cultivating a common area to put your people in a positive frame of mind. So – feeling inspired to invest in a space that boosts happiness & productivity?

break room furniture

The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to help the administrative functions of a healthcare organization with the process of office relocation to their newly acquired space in Chattanooga.


Office Relocation|break room furniture chattanooga

Before: Staff Break Room

Office Relocation|conference room furniture chattanooga

Executive Conference Room Before

Office Relocation|training room furniture chattanooga

Before: Large Training Room

Office Relocation|office furniture chattanooga

Before: Private Office Spaces

The Space: the organization recently acquired an entire level of an office building, outfitting the floor for use by administrative staff. Private offices and common spaces surround two large groups of workstations, all well-lit from the building’s exterior windows. Office Furniture Warehouse would be furnishing the reception area, flex and executive conference spaces, training room, break room & guest seating in addition to relocating offices from the previous space.

The People: the new work space would be home to the organization’s administrative functions (billing, IT, etc.) and the project would directly affect a significant number of employees. We built a phased installation and office move schedule around the construction at the new space and employees at the previous location.

Our goal was to furnish a full, flexible office space while minimizing downtime during the office relocation.


Office Relocation|contemporary reception furniture

Reception Area


The reception area is now occupied by an arrangement of contemporary club chairs and glass end/coffee tables. Since the new space is in a shared building, the reception area is partitioned from the elevator lobby. There’s a custom-built reception desk that occupies a footprint such that the conservation of space had to be a consideration. The angular orientation of the furniture helped fit a good deal of comfortable seating and table space in a limited area.

Office Relocation|executive conference room furniture

18′ Boat-Shaped Conference Table

Executive Conference

The executive conference room is now home to a 18′ boardroom table with multiple power integrations for a high powered meeting space. Although the orientation of the room is narrow, which can often make tables cluttered when seating is factored in, a boat-shaped table helps create better lines of sight from the head to each member of discussions.

Office Relocation|training room tables

Training Room

Training Room

These training tables provide a highly flexible solution to training room spaces for easy reconfiguration and storage. Training room tables pictured are mobile with flip-top & nesting capability. Mobile casters on the table bases lend themselves to endless arrangements, depending on purpose. The table tops collapse such that they nest to each other and are able to be stored for occasions when the space must remain open. Akin to the tables’ flexibility are the chairs: flip-up nesting chairs with mobile casters for the exact same reasons.

Office Relocation|small conference table|conference furniture chattanooga

Flex Meeting Spaces

Meeting Rooms

There are two smaller conference rooms designated as flex spaces. The organization has a reservation system set up for the meeting rooms, so staff can book some collaboration time without needing to beat someone to it. The set up is very simple – 8′ boat shaped conference tables with power modules surrounded by task seating. There are wall-mounted monitors for teleconferencing and presentation work, making a perfect teaming space for any purpose.

Office Relocation|break room furniture chattanooga

Staff Break Room

Break Room

The staff break room is set against an outer wall of the building, bordering a large group of workstations so it’s easily accessed by everyone. The natural lighting is phenomenal, so they opted to mount a bar counter against the window with metal barstools. In the middle of the room are round break room tables surrounded by stacking chairs. This configuration lends itself to lots of individual space and easy rearrangement. Bordered by wall-mounted cabinets and plentiful refrigerator space on either end, we think this break room is a great example of a space that invites & accommodates.

Office Relocation|executive guest chairs

Private Office Guest Seating

Private Offices

The assortment of private offices had, for the most part, their existing furniture moved from the previous space. We’ll talk about that in a second. We want to highlight the guest seating and small meeting spaces in each. Real wood’s real nice, and workspaces that can switch modes from focus to collaboration in an instant are even better.

Office Relocation|moving crates

Office Relocation

Finally, we performed an office relocation of the existing offices from the previous facility to the new building. This encompassed (17) office suites and the staff’s personal belongings. Office relocation is about as exciting as you think – while we know it’s not terribly compelling, but organizations responding to growth, change & relocation deserve to know what their options are.

Our furniture technicians first drop off mobile moving crates and begin carefully moving office furniture. After we set up the new offices, staff members pack their personal belongings in crates and our technicians deliver the crates to the new facility. Staff members unpack their belongings from the crates at their new workstations, and our technicians return to pick up the crates. This leaves you with a minimized mess and more money in your pocket than if you had opted for traditional cardboard.


Office Relocation|modern reception furniture|chattanooga

Club Chairs encased in chrome frame matching the contemporary glass table for a highly refined reception area. Seriously, the marble.

Office Relocation|break room furniture|office furniture chattanooga

Circular Break Room Tables surrounded by Stacking Chairs with Counter-Height Barstools against the window – so much fridge space!

training room furniture|Office Relocation

Training Room Tables & Nesting Chairs, Primed to Promote Engagement

Office Relocation|conference room furniture|chattanooga

18′ Boat-Shaped Conference Table with integrated power modules in the Executive Boardroom

Office Relocation|office furniture chattanooga

Private Office Workstation, Guest Seating & Circular Conference Table – focus to collaboration, just like that.

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be the one-stop shop for organizations responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & office relocation. Got a workspace that doesn’t work quite as hard as you do?

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The Chattanooga Police Department has, in one form or another, served our community since the 1850s. In addition to 24/7 emergency response, staffing a neighborhood policing department with over 200 patrol officers & publishing public information updates, the CPD provides a variety of outreach programs aimed at engaging citizens and promoting positive relations between department and community. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privilege of working with the City of Chattanooga to furnish a group of ergonomic sit-stand workstations for officers and staff of the CPD.


sit-stand workstations|commercial furniture chattanooga

Before: Workstation area with temporary desks

sit-stand workstations|office furniture installation chattanooga

Before: spaces that would have single pedestal desks

The Space: the space in question is outfitted with a raised floor system and guard rails creating a tiered workstation area, with private window offices opposite the partitioned entryway that is home to a small reception area. We would be replacing the temporary workstations pictured and furnishing a group of transitional workstations.

The People: the space would be home to a group of CPD officers that required a significant amount of accessibility and integration in terms of technology. The end-users would be spending long days at the workstations, meaning ergonomic comfort was also a high priority.

We needed to create a workstation area for Chattanooga’s finest on the forefront of ergonomics and technological integration.


sit-stand workstations|adjustable height workstations

S2S Workstations with dual double-monitor mounts, ergonomic keyboard tray, CPU holder and mobile filing cabinet. Phew.

Sit-Stand Workstations

To address workstation ergonomics and integration, we used electric sit-stand workstations with articulating keyboard/mouse tray and dual monitor mounts. Providing a standing desk option can help avoid back strain due to prolonged periods of sitting, ergonomic keyboards prevent the development of carpal tunnel during repetitive workstation tasks, and dynamic monitor holders help alleviate eye strain from improper viewing angles. A pedestal CPU holder underneath the desk further aids in keeping workstation tech tidy, and mobile filing cabinets are an ideal option for storage in a flexible workstation area.

Freestanding Desks

Plain and simple, tried and true. 30″ x 60″ freestanding desks in cherry finish to match the sit-stand workstations, equipped with single pedestal locking file cabinets. These desks were used for the reception area, private offices, and a group of desks overlooking the building entrance.


sit-stand workstations|ergonomic desks

Freestanding Desks (from left to right) overlooking building entrance, private office, and reception area

sit-stand workstations|ergonomic workstations

Above & Below detail of finished standing desk workstations

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be organizations’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Do you have a workspace that isn’t working quite as hard as you are?

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Louisville Tile of Chattanooga offers the latest trends & timeless looks in ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and metal tile in addition to providing all the material to install and maintain your new tile properly. Serving the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee markets for over 50 years, Louisville Tile Distributors’ mission is to be an industry leader, a trusted partner to customers, a family for employees, and a friend to the community. The Office Furniture Warehouse team has a long-standing relationship with the fine folks at Louisville Tile of Chattanooga, and recently had an opportunity to reconfigure a workspace with wall mount workstations to make room for more staff.


Wall Mount Workstations|modern office design

Before: panorama of the space shot straight down the middle

The Space: the space is partitioned room with a service counter on either side, previously housing two desks, printer and file storage. There’s a high level of through-traffic, and the orientation with traditional desks provided neither enough room for staff nor enough space to accommodate that level of usage.

The People: the space that had previously accommodated two needed to be expand to four workstations, housing the operations manager and three members of the sales staff. These are positions that necessitate the best of both worlds when it comes to workspace: openness and accessibility for collaboration, as well as a “focus space” to minimize distractions and keep organized.

We needed to create a functional, flexible workspace for four people while retaining enough open space to accommodate frequent usage and traffic.


Wall Mount Workstations|wall mounted workstations

After: panorama of all four workstations from middle of the room

Wall Mount Workstations

Wall Mount Workstations|contemporary workstations|office furniture in chattanooga tn

Single Workstation: plentiful storage, organization and work surface space to focus hard, but still accessible enough to collaborate.

Wall Mount Workstations|cubicle workstations|chattanooga office furniture

Shot straight through the space: cubicle panels extend enough to effectively define work areas while leaving space for easy ingress/egress.

In order to maximize the usable area of the workspace, we needed to minimize the footprint of the workstations. We achieved this by using wall-mounted tracks from which to hang cubicle panels, work surfaces & storage. The wall mount workstations themselves are 6′ x 6′ cubicles, with one panel against the wall to mount workstation storage components. To provide visual and acoustic privacy, a second cubicle panel extends from the wall and turns a slight corner. This achieves a defined work area, but the change in panel height avoids closing off visual accessibility. Each cubicle includes two locking pedestal filing cabinets, overhead flipper drawers, tack boards and task lights to create a well-lit, well-organized work environment.


Wall Mount Workstations|wall hung cubicles

After: single workstation with corner worksurface

Wall Mount Workstations|wall mounted workstations

Alternate: single workstation with corner work surface

Wall Mount Workstations|wall hung workstations

After: single workstation with rectangular work surface

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be organizations’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation.
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The physicians and staff of Chattanooga Allergy Clinic are committed to being the regional leader for quality allergy and asthma care: delivering outstanding care in comfortable, attractive, state of the art facilities & providing referring physicians with responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privelege to work with Chattanooga Allergy Clinic as they undertook the move to a new facility in Chattanooga, furnishing the administrative space and common areas of the new workplace in addition to providing relocation services for existing exam room furniture.


The Space: the new building had been previously occupied by a restaurant, and the space was completely renovated to be made suitable for use by healthcare providers. We’re no stranger to coordinating with contractor schedules and making special preparations to keep the newly finished facility pristine – all it takes is proactivity and communication. The workspaces we would be furnishing included a wall mount workstation area, patient reception seating, private offices surrounding a group of cubicle workstations, and the employee break room.

The People: when we’re creating work environments, we focus on the experience of the end user – when we’re helping to get a new healthcare facility ready for opening day, we have a wide selection of end-user and patient needs to consider in addition to the overarching goal of promoting wellness during the delivery of healthcare services. There are patients and visitors, who need an area that’s comfortable, attractive & sanitary as well as durable enough to stand up to high traffic throughout the day. The other common areas (break room and conference room) would host a combination of the administrative and clinical staff at one point or another, so our paramount consideration was using the space as effectively as possible such that everyone could be comfortable. The administrative area carried the same consideration for space usage, keeping the flow among the cubicle workstations and surrounding private administrative offices open and uncluttered. The final area would be home to high productivity – the clinic’s epicenter of scheduling, insurance & provider liaisons.

We needed to create a work environment to promote occupants’ wellness, emphasizing comfort and durability while keeping the newly finished space as open as possible.



reception area

Reception Area (Before pano from entrance)

medical reception seating

Reception Area (After: pano from counter)

reception seating|healthcare

Reception Area (After: pano from restrooms)

breakroom furniture

Break Room (Before pano)

breakroom table and chairs

Breakroom (After: from exit)

Break Room

For the employee break room tables and chairs: stacking chairs with a flexible chrome frame to match the base of the tables & table tops picked to complement the finish of the break room casework. The slight profile of stacking chairs, combined with the “x” bases on the tables, allows space for six to be seated comfortably at each table and easy reconfiguration for larger groups. The counter with additional seating doubles as a serving buffet when the seating is stacked neatly out of the way.

breakroom furniture

Break Room (After: pano from corner)

Conference Room

boardroom chairs

Conference Room (Before pano from door)

conference table and chairs

Conference Table (After: from door)

Administrative Offices

hutch desks|office workstations

From Left to Right: Office (Before: from far wall) / (After: from window) / (After: from door)

wall hung workstations|installation

Wall Hung Workstations (In Progress pano from far wall)

office furniture installers

Wall Hung Workstations (In Progress)

Flexible Workstations

The workstations in the scheduling area needed to make efficient use of all the square footage, comfortably accommodate four, and include a degree of flexibility for possible additions. The workstations are located such that corresponding with the front desk or getting to file storage is efficient, and the occupants’ frequent movement made accessibility a major concern. These modular, wall hung workstations are a simple yet robust solution to minimizing the workstations’ footprint: mounted tracks hold cantilever work surface supports, with pedestal file cabinet storage below and overhead storage cabinets above tack board surfaces.

flexible workstations|wall hung workstations

Wall Hung Workstations (After: pano from far wall)

cubicles|systems furniture

Cubicle Workstations (In Progress pano of all 8)

cubicle workstations

Cubicle Workstations (After)

Cubicle Workstations

This group of cubicles is home to the billing department – staff that spends a significant amount of time at individual workstations and must pay strict attention to detail. In a space originally planned for 6, we alternated the work surface orientations to fit 8. Creating two corridors, one in the middle and one between the outer wall of the workstations and private offices, expanded the capacity of the space while retaining ample work surface and storage space for individual workstations. Workspaces that balance focus and collaboration? Awesome. Cubicle workstations comparable to and compatible with AO2 systems? Even better.


Cubicle Workstations (After): alternating right- and left-oriented work surfaces to maximize the office real estate


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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we want to be healthcare providers’ one-stop shop for creating work spaces that reflect the care people receive there. Wondering how your workplace could better prioritize wellness?

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“More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.” – U.S. Small Business Administration

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That tends to mean something different for everyone. That’s why we’ve got options in new + used office furniture, offering a unique product/service mix for the market that helps us tailor our clients’ solutions more precisely.

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MyChairDoctor works to save even the sickest patients from your office’s chair graveyard.

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Time and again, one of our major differentiators is our service with in-house technicians to provide a layer of accountability and familiarity you won’t get anywhere else. We provide delivery/installation, office moving services, and furniture repair/reupholstery because we think streamlining your process of connecting the dots to complete a project makes sense.

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