The Chattanooga Police Department has, in one form or another, served our community since the 1850s. In addition to 24/7 emergency response, staffing a neighborhood policing department with over 200 patrol officers & publishing public information updates, the CPD provides a variety of outreach programs aimed at engaging citizens and promoting positive relations between department and community. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privilege of working with the City of Chattanooga to furnish a group of ergonomic sit-stand workstations for officers and staff of the CPD.


sit-stand workstations|commercial furniture chattanooga

Before: Workstation area with temporary desks

sit-stand workstations|office furniture installation chattanooga

Before: spaces that would have single pedestal desks

The Space: the space in question is outfitted with a raised floor system and guard rails creating a tiered workstation area, with private window offices opposite the partitioned entryway that is home to a small reception area. We would be replacing the temporary workstations pictured and furnishing a group of transitional workstations.

The People: the space would be home to a group of CPD officers that required a significant amount of accessibility and integration in terms of technology. The end-users would be spending long days at the workstations, meaning ergonomic comfort was also a high priority.

We needed to create a workstation area for Chattanooga’s finest on the forefront of ergonomics and technological integration.


sit-stand workstations|adjustable height workstations

S2S Workstations with dual double-monitor mounts, ergonomic keyboard tray, CPU holder and mobile filing cabinet. Phew.

Sit-Stand Workstations

To address workstation ergonomics and integration, we used electric sit-stand workstations with articulating keyboard/mouse tray and dual monitor mounts. Providing a standing desk option can help avoid back strain due to prolonged periods of sitting, ergonomic keyboards prevent the development of carpal tunnel during repetitive workstation tasks, and dynamic monitor holders help alleviate eye strain from improper viewing angles. A pedestal CPU holder underneath the desk further aids in keeping workstation tech tidy, and mobile filing cabinets are an ideal option for storage in a flexible workstation area.

Freestanding Desks

Plain and simple, tried and true. 30″ x 60″ freestanding desks in cherry finish to match the sit-stand workstations, equipped with single pedestal locking file cabinets. These desks were used for the reception area, private offices, and a group of desks overlooking the building entrance.


sit-stand workstations|ergonomic desks

Freestanding Desks (from left to right) overlooking building entrance, private office, and reception area

sit-stand workstations|ergonomic workstations

Above & Below detail of finished standing desk workstations

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be organizations’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Do you have a workspace that isn’t working quite as hard as you are?

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Louisville Tile of Chattanooga offers the latest trends & timeless looks in ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and metal tile in addition to providing all the material to install and maintain your new tile properly. Serving the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee markets for over 50 years, Louisville Tile Distributors’ mission is to be an industry leader, a trusted partner to customers, a family for employees, and a friend to the community. The Office Furniture Warehouse team has a long-standing relationship with the fine folks at Louisville Tile of Chattanooga, and recently had an opportunity to reconfigure a workspace with wall mount workstations to make room for more staff.


Wall Mount Workstations|modern office design

Before: panorama of the space shot straight down the middle

The Space: the space is partitioned room with a service counter on either side, previously housing two desks, printer and file storage. There’s a high level of through-traffic, and the orientation with traditional desks provided neither enough room for staff nor enough space to accommodate that level of usage.

The People: the space that had previously accommodated two needed to be expand to four workstations, housing the operations manager and three members of the sales staff. These are positions that necessitate the best of both worlds when it comes to workspace: openness and accessibility for collaboration, as well as a “focus space” to minimize distractions and keep organized.

We needed to create a functional, flexible workspace for four people while retaining enough open space to accommodate frequent usage and traffic.


Wall Mount Workstations|wall mounted workstations

After: panorama of all four workstations from middle of the room

Wall Mount Workstations

Wall Mount Workstations|contemporary workstations|office furniture in chattanooga tn

Single Workstation: plentiful storage, organization and work surface space to focus hard, but still accessible enough to collaborate.

Wall Mount Workstations|cubicle workstations|chattanooga office furniture

Shot straight through the space: cubicle panels extend enough to effectively define work areas while leaving space for easy ingress/egress.

In order to maximize the usable area of the workspace, we needed to minimize the footprint of the workstations. We achieved this by using wall-mounted tracks from which to hang cubicle panels, work surfaces & storage. The wall mount workstations themselves are 6′ x 6′ cubicles, with one panel against the wall to mount workstation storage components. To provide visual and acoustic privacy, a second cubicle panel extends from the wall and turns a slight corner. This achieves a defined work area, but the change in panel height avoids closing off visual accessibility. Each cubicle includes two locking pedestal filing cabinets, overhead flipper drawers, tack boards and task lights to create a well-lit, well-organized work environment.


Wall Mount Workstations|wall hung cubicles

After: single workstation with corner worksurface

Wall Mount Workstations|wall mounted workstations

Alternate: single workstation with corner work surface

Wall Mount Workstations|wall hung workstations

After: single workstation with rectangular work surface

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be organizations’ one-stop shop for responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation.
Do you have a workspace that isn’t working quite as hard as you are?

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The physicians and staff of Chattanooga Allergy Clinic are committed to being the regional leader for quality allergy and asthma care: delivering outstanding care in comfortable, attractive, state of the art facilities & providing referring physicians with responsiveness, professionalism, and reliability. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the privelege to work with Chattanooga Allergy Clinic as they undertook the move to a new facility in Chattanooga, furnishing the administrative space and common areas of the new workplace in addition to providing relocation services for existing exam room furniture.


The Space: the new building had been previously occupied by a restaurant, and the space was completely renovated to be made suitable for use by healthcare providers. We’re no stranger to coordinating with contractor schedules and making special preparations to keep the newly finished facility pristine – all it takes is proactivity and communication. The workspaces we would be furnishing included a wall mount workstation area, patient reception seating, private offices surrounding a group of cubicle workstations, and the employee break room.

The People: when we’re creating work environments, we focus on the experience of the end user – when we’re helping to get a new healthcare facility ready for opening day, we have a wide selection of end-user and patient needs to consider in addition to the overarching goal of promoting wellness during the delivery of healthcare services. There are patients and visitors, who need an area that’s comfortable, attractive & sanitary as well as durable enough to stand up to high traffic throughout the day. The other common areas (break room and conference room) would host a combination of the administrative and clinical staff at one point or another, so our paramount consideration was using the space as effectively as possible such that everyone could be comfortable. The administrative area carried the same consideration for space usage, keeping the flow among the cubicle workstations and surrounding private administrative offices open and uncluttered. The final area would be home to high productivity – the clinic’s epicenter of scheduling, insurance & provider liaisons.

We needed to create a work environment to promote occupants’ wellness, emphasizing comfort and durability while keeping the newly finished space as open as possible.



reception area

Reception Area (Before pano from entrance)

medical reception seating

Reception Area (After: pano from counter)

reception seating|healthcare

Reception Area (After: pano from restrooms)

breakroom furniture

Break Room (Before pano)

breakroom table and chairs

Breakroom (After: from exit)

Break Room

For the employee break room tables and chairs: stacking chairs with a flexible chrome frame to match the base of the tables & table tops picked to complement the finish of the break room casework. The slight profile of stacking chairs, combined with the “x” bases on the tables, allows space for six to be seated comfortably at each table and easy reconfiguration for larger groups. The counter with additional seating doubles as a serving buffet when the seating is stacked neatly out of the way.

breakroom furniture

Break Room (After: pano from corner)

Conference Room

boardroom chairs

Conference Room (Before pano from door)

conference table and chairs

Conference Table (After: from door)

Administrative Offices

hutch desks|office workstations

From Left to Right: Office (Before: from far wall) / (After: from window) / (After: from door)

wall hung workstations|installation

Wall Hung Workstations (In Progress pano from far wall)

office furniture installers

Wall Hung Workstations (In Progress)

Flexible Workstations

The workstations in the scheduling area needed to make efficient use of all the square footage, comfortably accommodate four, and include a degree of flexibility for possible additions. The workstations are located such that corresponding with the front desk or getting to file storage is efficient, and the occupants’ frequent movement made accessibility a major concern. These modular, wall hung workstations are a simple yet robust solution to minimizing the workstations’ footprint: mounted tracks hold cantilever work surface supports, with pedestal file cabinet storage below and overhead storage cabinets above tack board surfaces.

flexible workstations|wall hung workstations

Wall Hung Workstations (After: pano from far wall)

cubicles|systems furniture

Cubicle Workstations (In Progress pano of all 8)

cubicle workstations

Cubicle Workstations (After)

Cubicle Workstations

This group of cubicles is home to the billing department – staff that spends a significant amount of time at individual workstations and must pay strict attention to detail. In a space originally planned for 6, we alternated the work surface orientations to fit 8. Creating two corridors, one in the middle and one between the outer wall of the workstations and private offices, expanded the capacity of the space while retaining ample work surface and storage space for individual workstations. Workspaces that balance focus and collaboration? Awesome. Cubicle workstations comparable to and compatible with AO2 systems? Even better.


Cubicle Workstations (After): alternating right- and left-oriented work surfaces to maximize the office real estate


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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we want to be healthcare providers’ one-stop shop for creating work spaces that reflect the care people receive there. Wondering how your workplace could better prioritize wellness?

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“More than half of Americans either own or work for a small business, and they create about two out of every three new jobs in the U.S. each year.” – U.S. Small Business Administration

Office Furniture Warehouse knows firsthand the challenges of responding to growth, change & relocation while keeping the ship afloat and on course – that’s why we strive to be small businesses’ one-stop shop for overcoming those challenges where it pertains to the workplace. These are some of the ways we’re trying to support small businesses’ objectives:

used office furniture chattanooga

Have you seen the warehouse? It’s worth the walk.

  • Office Furniture: commercial workspaces need to support the end-users’ objectives.

That tends to mean something different for everyone. That’s why we’ve got options in new + used office furniture, offering a unique product/service mix for the market that helps us tailor our clients’ solutions more precisely.

office chair repair|office chair replacement parts|task chair recycling

MyChairDoctor works to save even the sickest patients from your office’s chair graveyard.

  • Services: why would you let anyone handle your office furniture besides the people handling it every day?

Time and again, one of our major differentiators is our service with in-house technicians to provide a layer of accountability and familiarity you won’t get anywhere else. We provide delivery/installation, office moving services, and furniture repair/reupholstery because we think streamlining your process of connecting the dots to complete a project makes sense.

office furniture warehouse|office furniture chattanooga

2017 Ribbon Cutting with the Chattanooga Chamber & all our friends

  • Community: part of our identity as a small business is recognizing that we owe our success to the relationships we’ve been so fortunate to cultivate.

As members of the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, green|spaces and other organizations, we’re looking to reinforce those relationships and build new ones. In our work with Empower Chattanooga, Susan G. Komen of Chattanooga, the Boyce Station Neighborhood Association and other organizations in East Chattanooga, we’re looking to give back to the community from which we’ve grown.

We’re not trying to toot horns or puff chests, we just believe that every small business deserves a partner in creating a workspace that works as hard as they do.
Office furniture is impermanent – we’re in the business of building relationships.

So, whether you’re new to OFW or an old friend, we’d like to offer a little something in the spirit of one small business helping another – subscribe to our monthly newsletter, full of original and curated resources for accelerating the pace of workplace performance, and receive a coupon for 10% off your purchase of used office furniture between 5/1/17 – 5/5/17.

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Southeastern Retina specializes in treatment and surgery for diseases of the retina and vitreous, exploring the cutting edge of clinical research and providing service that has positioned their nationally recognized, board-certified ophthalmologists as the region’s leading experts for comprehensive retina care. The Office Furniture Warehouse team recently had the opportunity to work with Southeastern Retina, installing a system of cubicle workstations, individual workstations and providing relocation services to their new office space in Hixson, TN.


office space

Central Open Space (Before: from entrance) – this image is almost in line with where a wall once stood, dividing the two spaces that were combined to create the open plan layout.

The Space: the newly acquired space encompasses what were originally two separate suites in a small business complex. A dividing wall was removed, and new drywall was erected to create private office spaces, storage and break rooms surrounding a large open space. From the previous location, existing furniture and employees’ materials had to be relocated.

The People: home to Southeastern Retina’s medical billing department, the workspaces would necessarily prioritize focus – meticulous, detail-oriented work that lends itself to a significant amount of time spent at individual workstations. While the new space would be office usage only, keeping the option for expansion open in the future was also a consideration to be made.

Our goal was to create a flexible work environment, making effective use of square footage in the new location while coordinating with staff & contractor schedules to facilitate a smooth relocation.


reusable moving crates

mobile moving cratesOffice Relocation

Change is hard. Office Furniture Warehouse knows. That’s why we provide commercial relocation services – to make moving easy. The new office space required a move of some existing furniture and employee materials, so the Southeastern Retina team rented about four dozen of our mobile, reusable moving crates to make quick work of their relocation.

office workstations

Espresso U-Group with Bow-Front Desk, Overhead Hutch & Round Conference Table

Private Office Workstations

The two private offices, partitioned from the open plan layout of the cubicles, each have a u-group workstation with overhead storage and a round conference table setup for entertaining guests or hosting small meetings. Bow-front desk and overhead hutch doors with chrome frame and frosted glass window add a refined element to a tried-and-true favorite.

cubicle shelving

Toolbar Tiles w/o Storage Accessories

beltway cubicle panels

Toolbar Tiles w/ Document Trays & Filing Shelves

Open-Plan Cubicle Workstations

The open space would be home to a system of cubicles arranged in 3-, 4- and 6-person workstation groups. The cubicle workstations feature framed glass panels, work surfaces with woodgrain finish to provide a nice contrasting effect, and “toolbar” panel tiles in each workstation. These mounted tracks allow individuals to arrange a custom hanging storage setup that is easily reconfigured or removed.

cubicle installation

Cubicle Panels in progress – first row of workstations framed out, outside perspectives of freestanding cubicle group, and detail shot of framed glass panel.





“Southeastern Retina has worked on two major projects with OFW.  I could not be more pleased with the outcome of these projects, most recent being our brand new billing office in Hixson. I recommend Jason and his staff at OFW for any project you may have. I appreciate Jason and his team’s professionalism. Dedication such as this is hard to find. I will most definitely use OFW for any project that may arise in the future. Thanks Jason and your whole team for the expert work you provided.” – Paula Hibbs, SE Retina

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At Office Furniture Warehouse, we’re striving to be your one-stop shop when responding to the challenges posed by growth, change & relocation. Got a workspace that doesn’t work quite as hard as you do?

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It’s been a big year for Office Furniture Warehouse. We’ve celebrated our successful relocation, a new team + unprecedented growth, and, now, the anniversary of our partnership with Empower Chattanooga.

What we want to celebrate in this post, however, is how big a year it’s been for green|spaces and East Chattanooga, our new home.

In the last year, the Empower program has expanded to partner in many local events, provide programming in Hardy Elementary, and serve 273 homes with energy-saving materials and education in the 37406 zip code alone. Our partnership, ICYMI: for every used office chair we sell over $100, we donate the value of an energy savings kit to Empower Chattanooga in order to multiply the effects local sustainability efforts aimed at reduced waste and energy consumption.

The first quarter of 2017 resulted in a contribution of $160, bringing our first year’s total to $1228. That’s an energy savings kit for 161 households, and all it took was some sustainably-minded people getting a sweet deal on office chairs.

In addition to the “Save It Forward” initiative, green|spaces has completed one NextGen Home and is beginning work on the next three, expanded their green|light program for businesses, and is bringing “The POOL” by Jen Lewin to the three Chattanooga neighborhoods targeted by Empower Chattanooga’s efforts – one of which being East Chattanooga, where you’ll be able to see the installation during the East Chattanooga Highlight Festival (April 21st – 23rd). That brings us to our new neighbors.

empower chattanooga

Partnering with green|spaces on “The POOL” and organizing the Highlight Festival is Glass House Collective – an non-profit embedded in East Chattanooga that “brings together residents in creative projects and partnerships with artists, entrepreneurs, and volunteers to re-imagine our neighborhood through innovative programming, community involvement, and creativity.”

We could not have asked for a warmer welcome and a more dedicated group to support than the Boyce Station Neighborhood Association, which has just celebrated their inaugural year of mustering grassroots efforts toward making the neighborhood they call home safer and more sustainable. Beyond our Empower involvement, we’ll have more about our plans with them shortly…

March 2017 - Our ribbon cutting , with guests Cora & Jumaane of the BSNA at front corner of porch.

March 2017 – Our ribbon cutting , with guests Cora & Jumaane of the BSNA at front corner of porch.

Plans for 2017

We’ll be continuing our program of contributing energy savings kits to Empower Chattanooga for used chairs sold, and have set our goal for the second year: there are roughly 300 homes in our neighborhood (Boyce Station), and we want every one of them to have an energy savings kit + education. This year, we’ll be working with the Boyce Station Neighborhood Association in conjunction with Empower Chattanooga to disseminate kits and host an Empower workshop. Assuming our numbers are correct, that’ll be around $2400 – doubling our total contributions from our first year.

Time to get to work.

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Want to help reach some community goals? We thought so / here’s a list anyway:

It was a big week for Office Furniture Warehouse!

Here’s a recap of our big week at the end of March 2017: Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo, NoogaNections & OFW’s Ribbon Cutting at 1900 Stuart Street.

Chattanooga Chamber Business Expo


Puppy Pics with Stella!


OFW’s Booth


Maxlife Systems, LLC


Servpro of Chattanooga


Coast 2 Coast Surveys




Had a great time at the restart of OFW’s networking event: good food, friends & new connections at NoogaNections.

Elaine Merritt, ladies & gentlemen. Past Top 10 Businesswomen, phenomenal management coach & good friend of the Chattanooga community.

NoogaNections Spotlight: Elaine Merritt, ladies & gentlemen. Past Top 10 Businesswomen, phenomenal management coach & good friend of the Chattanooga community.


NoogaNections Sponsor: Lauren Wingrove – “we know someone in advertising”. Seriously, if you’re looking to make a local splash, Lauren will be your best proponent. Thanks as always for putting up with, excuse me, SUPPORTING the OFW team.

Ribbon Cutting


Many thanks to the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce for helping us throw a warm welcome to our new building, and throughout our journey to get here.

Our good buddy Layton & Miss Sandy Downer, champions of our new building. If you’re in the market for bespoke outfitting of the office, Layton’s your man.

Another good buddy we've forged a relationship with who has whipped our massive roof right into shape. He's low-key (i.e. cannot find a picture of the man) but performs work of excessive quality.

Another good buddy we’ve forged a relationship with during our relocation process – whipped our massive roof right into shape. He’s low-key (i.e. cannot find a picture of the man) but performs work of excessive quality.

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office furniture installers

Open Plan Space

modern office design

Private Office B

private office design

Private Office A

executive office design

Executive Office

EMJ Construction is a construction services company headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, committed to changing the industry, delivering unique value & practicing servant leadership. Office Furniture Warehouse has had the pleasure of working with EMJ on previous projects, and the property manager reached back out to us when a newly acquired space needed furnishing.

The Space: The new space would be home to the company’s Learning Department – the nerve center of the company’s learning materials and strategies. The space often hosts consultants for meetings in which training sessions and online learning courses are developed.

The People: The Learning Department is made up of two private offices, a private conference space and an executive office, all surrounding a central, open space.  The end-users of the workspaces are EMJ’s Director of Learning & Innovation, ConstructU Administrator (EMJ’s online learning academy), Vice President, Learning Coordinator and IT business analyst, respectively.

workplace design


open office design

After: central space from door

private office-workstationprivate office from doorPrivate Offices & Open Workstation

The mirrored private offices (and third workstation in open-plan area) are furnished with bow-front, l-shaped hutch desks that have task-lit tack boards and locking pedestal file cabinets. These workstation setups are a simple solution to providing plenty of space to spread out & maintain storage while keeping the footprint to a minimum, so as not to make the private workspace feel cramped. 7704 task seating & chair mats complete the package with all-day ergonomic support.

managers office from doormounted whiteboardsConference Office

The conference office needed to be a space capable of transitioning from “concentration” to “collaboration” at a moment’s notice. The workstation is the fourth mirror of the private offices, with one small difference based on end-user needs: orienting the guest seating around the desk and against one of two mounted whiteboards means a quick swivel can now create a conversational setting for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions.

exec suiteExecutive Office

The VP’s office is now home to a very sweet veneer workstation – executive u-group with bow-front desk, locking pedestal file cabinets and ergonomically-optimized Interstulh high-back task chair. Complemented by matching guest chairs, small conference table surrounding by club couch seating, veneer bookcase and mounted whiteboard, the executive space has a powerful presence and even more powerful practicality.


executive office furniture

Executive Suite: U-Group, Interstuhl Task Chair, Guest Seating, Markerboard & Bookcase

l shape desk with hutch

Flexible Workspace: partitioned for privacy, built to balance focus & collaboration

office whiteboards

Private Offices: storage + thinking space

“I enjoy working with Carl and the team – they always do a professional job and are fun to work with.” – Laura Herren, EMJ

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Office Furniture Warehouse is in the business of making your workplace work harder, finding solutions to meet the bigger goals for your office environment using our unique product|service mix & 25+ years’ experience. Wondering what you can do to make your workplace work better?

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JJ & Jason’s Week Out

We spent the week at Trendway’s offices for product training and, despite our best efforts, left with great memories of the week and plenty of product knowledge to bring back home. As your sole providers of Trendway office furniture in the Tennessee tri-cities area, we wanted to share this gallery of images from Trendway’s offices in Holland, MI – check out some of Trendway’s workplace innovations in glass office walls, desking systems, collaboration stations & more!



Intrinsic Desking, Storage & Reception Counter in “White Zebrine” Finish…using a simple office setup oriented against the wall to create a fully functional reception area with plenty of storage.



Intrinsic Laminate Storage in “White Zebrine”/”Designer White” & some custom wall-mounted work



Capture Workstation with Sit-to-Stand option and ergonomic accessories, T51 chair with headrest, and Intrinsic Storage…small & powerful workstations!



Other side of the Capture system workstation – overhead storage and 2nd Standing Desk. The riveted panel tile on the back wall is “slatwell”, a feature that allows users to easily hang and remove desk tools and accessories.



Another Capture System workstation, this time with Intrinsic freestanding desk supported by Choices filing & storage. Lots of integrative capabilities between the furniture platforms – it was hard to parse the products in many of the offices with the level of customization present.



Very fond of that “White Zebrine” finish – especially on this executive set. Classic corner office in a contemporary finish.

Common Areas


Magnus Olessen Butterfly Chairs surrounding Intrinsic Freestanding – this seating is from a collaboration line with artist Niels Gammelgaard. Super chic.



Minimalistic approach to the contemporary break room – Choices storage flush together with some custom laminate casing.



Other side of break room counter – more custom work with the Choices cabinet and counter-height Live seating.

Lounge Area


A very social take on break room furniture – cafe tables with trumpet base and Quello cafe stools to create a quick, collaborative getaway.



Another Choices table, this time with glass top, and “Feek” – Trendway’s modular seating line. Very leisurely lounge furniture. This particular system is comprised of two pieces, the chair and the ottoman, that are angled on the outside edge so the possibilities in curvilinear configurations are endless.



Our final illustration of how versatile Trendway’s products are – a third break room area, again with Choices tables and Feek. Versatility is very nice, but the blue M11 chairs are the real highlight of this picture. Single-piece responsive seat design with ergonomic lumbar curve. Comfy, bouncy.

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We had a great time at Trendway’s week of training, and are proud to have a partner that is similarly committed to sustainability and community. See something that supports your vision for the office?

Tell Us About Your Project!

The Project

We had the pleasure of working with Henderson, Hutcherson & McCullough, PLLC, Chattanogoa’s largest locally-owned CPA firm. They asked us to redesign a crowded workspace home to six CPAs.

bullpen furniture|office furniture chattanooga

Bullpen Before

The Space – HHM’s offices are located in the beautifully restored Freight Depot building in downtown Chattanooga – a historic landmark that has remained home to small businesses since the 19th century. The focus of our project was a partitioned workspace in the center of the building that’s surrounded by private offices and conference rooms.

The People – The specified workspace is home to CPAs who spend most of their days at their dedicated workstations. The area can also accommodate 70-100 passersby per day.

“The space wasn’t as functional as we knew it could be. Our team works hard, and we want their time at the office to be enjoyable and comfortable”

– Donnie Hutcherson, Managing Partner

Objectives & Challenges

Workspace Accessibility

The workspace and timing of installation had a few logistical challenges, but nothing our technicians couldn’t handle. The area had uniquely graded floors and tight spaces around the entrance and exit. Installation was also planned for the end of January – a.k.a. the beginning of tax season. In accounting world, this is game time – the busiest season of the year. The open layout didn’t lend itself to acoustical privacy, so we knew we needed to minimize displacement and disruption of the employees in this area and adjacent areas.


Accountants crunch numbers and log data from the time they clock-in to when they to go home, which means long, desk-bound days. Sitting all day at a desk can cause major neck and back strain, and HHM wanted to give their CPAs a more ergonomic solution.

adjustable height workstations|sit stand desks|l shape desks

Adjustable Height L-Desk


Our goal was clear: maximize the ergonomic functionality of the workspace while maintaining practicality for the affected CPAs and the rest of the office. Here’s what we came up with:

Open Plan L-Desks

The workspace is home to six CPAs where each workstation needed to house a computer, monitors, and desk supplies while offering additional surface space for spreading out paperwork.

We created an open layout with L-shape desks alternating left and right to line the walls of the workspace. This design concealed cables and maximized the real estate within the space and provided sufficient room for individuals to work while creating a flow for traffic that wouldn’t cause bottlenecks and interruptions.

sit stand workstations|l shape desk

Programmable Memory Settings

Adjustable-Height Workstations with Programmable Memory

Now, onto the ergonomics.

To relieve and prevent strain of desk-bound professionals, we installed ergonomic sit-stand workstations. These desks offer customizable presets, so with the touch of a button each user can have their desk at the perfect height. If they want to sit, they have a preset for that. If they want to stand (in flat shoes or heels), they have a preset for that. It doesn’t hurt that each workstation also comes with a remote.

The variable desk height and memory settings offer an additional degree of comfort for the user on a daily basis. Over time, the incremental reduction of strain has the potential to improve the overall work experience and well-being of the user.


adjustable height workstations sit stand desks standing desks

“The quality of work life for our CPAs has improved. I’m pleased Office Furniture Warehouse was able to bring a customizable approach to their design, so that our employees have more flexibility at their workstation.” 

– Donnie Hutcherson, Managing Partner

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Office Furniture Warehouse is in the business of solving problems and finding solutions to meet the bigger goals for your office environment using our unique product|service mix & 25+ years’ experience. Wondering what you can do to make your workplace work better?

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